miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

St. Jordi’s Day

Yes followers, today in Catalonia we celebrate St. Jordi’s Day, also known as the Day of the Rose and the Book. Don’t ask me for the roots of that tradition, but every 23 of april guys should get their loved ones a rose and they give their loved boyfriends or husbands a book. It’s the union of love and culture and the particular catalan way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but on another date. So, be a Piltrafilla, follow the King... and give the woman next to you –mother, wife, girlfriend, lover or daughter- a beautiful rose. I bet she’ll find the way to thank you, with a book... or something else.

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ÁNGEL dijo...

English cover.


Inmejorable presentación, sí señor!!!

Lai dijo...

What can I tell you about that celebration and other silly prick?
That what on the hell!
Which gives me a strong headache!